Keeping it Snug & Safe since 1968.

Sense of Style

Snugli virtually invented the infant carrier market. Learning from the global wisdom of Moms who carried Baby in close comfort throughout the day.

In 1968, Ann was in the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. She was impressed by how peaceful local babies were. They went everywhere with their mothers, strapped on the back, snuggled in a simple cloth sling.

The calm and contentment for both Mom and Baby, helped revolutionize the industry.

We reinvented carriers again in 2011 by meeting Mothers’ desire for better looking carrier. One that could reflect her own unique and personal sense of style.


Jill and Joey

Helping Mom and Baby stay close is the heart of everything Snugli.

A perfect symbol for the brand, the kangaroo represents a close connection between parent and child.

Snugli provides parents freedom to introduce the world to their children while offering unmatched safety and comfort. "There's no better way to develop a close bond with your baby than by holding him close to you." says Dr. Lise Eliot, Safe Baby and Toddler Council, Development Expert.


Comfort and Cool

Snugli is where Comfort Meets Cool™

Every Snugli product delivers:

  1. Comfort Innovation
  2. Safety Technology
  3. Premium Design
  4. Exclusive Style